About Counselling

about counselling services in London

Good counselling and one that I try to practice is the kind I have experienced sitting in the client's chair; change, growth or simply feeling 'better' happens when there exists an ideal balance of support, nurture and challenge.

I believe that we all have the answers to our own truth inside us, but sometimes it takes the help of a counsellor to bring some of those answers to light. It is the quality of the relationship with the counsellor, feeling attended to, listened attentively to, prodded sensitively into seeing things from a new perspective that brings about changes; a different view on things that perhaps had not been considered, accepted for having thoughts, feelings and fantasies that were assumed not to be acceptable to others and so on.

When conditions are optimum, not being judged and feeling empathised with, trust can grow and people begin to feel and see the world differently. Successful counselling results in beginning to feel more in control of one's life and not as burdened as when first stepping through the door. Counselling can be a very rewarding journey; it is my job, vocation and passion.

Confidentiality: Everything said within the session remains strictly confidential.

Code of Ethics: I am an accredited counsellor and member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and an accredited member of COSRT, the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists and comply with the code of ethics and practice of both organisations, as well as their complaints procedure.

Additional Support/Referrals: As part of my records, I require your GP's name and address. I will not contact your GP without discussing it with you first. If a client requests, I can confidentially refer.