Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction therapy in London

Having ruled out any physical reasons for erection failure the likelihood is that the problem is psychological. Sometimes it is the inability to get an erection or maintain one and sometimes ‘getting’ and/or ‘maintaining’ is achievable through masturbation but not with a partner or dependent on the sexual activity or situations.

Resolving ED Problems with Sex Therapy
What seems to be a surprise to most men is that they need to have a relationship with their penis and not how they think their penis should perform as if being a separate part of themselves. Men often have unrealistic expectations about sexual performance that are often not checked out with anyone resulting in distorted standards of themselves. This need to get an erection at all costs is highly anxiety inducing and will affect the man as well as any partnership.

Through talking therapy, education and exercises (both individual or between a couple), performance myths can be dispelled; a principal one being that for an erection to happen or be maintained sexual arousal does not needs to happen. How a man is feeling whether it be about himself, his partner or an external situation such as his work will influence sexual performance and erection quality. It is unlikely that the ‘PDE5 inhibitors’ that are used extensively in ED treatment will work if arousal is impeded by anxiety.

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