Sexual compulsivity

Sex addiction therapy in London

What is Sexual Compulsivity or the more antiquated term Sex Addiction?

Not every person who has an affair, watches porn or has lots of sex with lots of people is an addict. But sexual compulsivity exists and it is different from generally high libido. For sex ‘addicts’, there is no such thing as 5 minutes of porn, just an hour in the strip club or just one partner this week. Whatever the compulsive/addictive behaviour it is impossible to stop. Hours on the internet, bank accounts emptied on prostitutes and lap dancers, one affair after another, masturbation until sore…once started these can become the unstoppable patterns.

Like other compulsive/addictive behaviours and rituals that result in shameful and painful discoveries, broken relationships, jobs, sleep and money lost, such consequences don’t stop the need to go back for more despite repeated humiliation. All this in an attempt to exert self control, enjoy sex as others do and help regulate emotions. The obsessive behaviour continues however, becomes harder to stop and seriously compromises quality of life.

If you are experiencing any of the following, now may be a good time to seek help and support in overcoming sex addiction:

Powerlessness over addictive sexual behaviour.

Resulting unmanageability of his/her life.

Feelings of shame, pain, and self-loathing

Failed promises and attempts to stop acting out.

Preoccupation with sex leading to ritual.

Progressive worsening of negative consequences.

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