Sex & Relationships

Sex and relationship counselling

Who is Psychosexual therapy for?

Today more and more individuals and couples are struggling to make sense of sexual issues in their personal relationships. Often, these concerns are not explicit ie. the couple or individual are angry, dissatisfied, resentful, afraid, with the state of the relationship. They are not getting what they want from each other and this build-up can make it very difficult to talk about.

When emotional needs are not met one of the first things that suffers is the sex life and people grow apart. Many factors may have evolved over time or have recently impacted the relationship such as ‘performance anxiety’ in men, illness, surgery, addictions, bereavement, trauma, abuse, the arrival of children, an ‘affair’, infertility, the list is long.

What is important for couples and individuals to understand is that sexual problems happen in response to something and are not usually located solely in the genitals!

As a fully qualified integrative counsellor, I specialise in psychosexual and relationship counselling and am COSRT Accredited.

How do I work?

Psychosexual therapy treats the causes as well as the symptoms. Sessions will give you the opportunity to explore why a problem may have arisen. Where appropriate I may offer a specific treatment programme to help you overcome the difficulties you are having.

Online help with Sex and Relationships. I have extensive experience working on Sex and Relationships with individuals and as part of a couple relationship. Contact me to arrange a confidential initial assessment on 07813 944 146.